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Tales of a Zombie Killer

"There was a full moon in Raccoon City.."

Tabitha Bathory
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I like snuggling during a ZOMBIE movie, romantic walks to the convenient store, playing Resident Evil by candle light and WoWing to my "gaylist."
I breathe music, movies, video games, art, books, and on the occasion; air.


Ps: Remember, Karma..
Ps: Brooklyn, You Ain't Nothing.
Ps: If you're so smart, explain this Clarissa..Pow!
Ps: Girls from 7-11 stay up all night. 24 hours a day.
Ps: I'm not a girl just cause I rock the gold, I'm not a boy just cause I rock your world now.
"phat beats", 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 90s rock, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, alexisonfire-before-they-were-rockstars, alice in wonderland, animal crossing, apple core? apple whore, art attack, arts and crafts, beat the geeks, beavis and butthead, being a hopeless romantic, black sweatshirts, books, breakfast cereal, cab calloway, calling the ghostbusters, cheese, cherry coke, comic books, conan freaking o'brien, corsets, cross stitching, daft punk, daises, dance dance revolution, dancing wildly, definitely not you, dinosaurs, diy murder kit, dr pepper, edenfall, edward scissorhands, empire records, fight club, finding shapes in clouds, frank sinatra, funny stuff, gameboy, garbage (the band), golfing, grape soda, halloween, high fidelity, horse the band, huggles, i spoke, imperial teen, incense, intelligent conversation, invader zim, jabooodydubs, jeopardy!, jhonen vasque, john cusack, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, kevin smith's clerks, knitting, kurt cobain, lenore, living dead dolls, lots of sex, luigi, magneta lane, making you laugh, mashed potatoes with gravy, masturbating with household objects, mcdonalds, mindless self indulgence, mitch clem, mixtapes, mohammed rafi, monty python, nintendo, nirvana, pancakes, penny whistles and moon-pies, pez, photo booth photos, pixies and fairies, pizza, placebo, placebo again, placenta, playing dodgeball, pokémon, pulp fiction, rain, rasputina, reading, resident evil, rocko's modern life, rocky horror picture show, roman dirge, runnin' up that hill, samma, samma again, sarcasm, shaun of the dead, shawna, silent hill, simpsons, smashing pumpkins, sneezing, south park, staying in hotels, stephen fudge, stephen king, sweatshirts, tab cola, tabbyface mahon, teenage head, the colour maroon, the donnas, the month of october, the prodigy, the virgin suicides, the vulcan dub squad, thrift stores, thrillhouse, tim burton, tim hortons, tingles, toast, tool, trippin'? stop trippin', value village, vampires, video games, vietnam rock!, vintage anything, warm chocolate chip cookies, weezer, weezer again, when garfield doesn't talk, x-men, yoshi, zelda, zelda sex, zombie sex, zombies, zombies again, zoodles from a can